A few of Defiance’s favorite Colorado rivers for whitewater rafting.

With rapids ranging from mild Class I and II to intense Class V rapids, the Arkansas River can provide the perfect Colorado whitewater rafting trip for anyone, depending on where your rafting party puts in.

There are several whitewater rafting trips to accommodate just about any family and make your Colorado whitewater rafting trip a memorable one, including trips on the Arkansas River, Clear Creek, Colorado River, Eagle River, and Blue River. You do not have to have any experience to participate in a Class iii whitewater rafting trip.

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Looking to camp, explore and also to raft one of the top 10 united states whitewater rafting rivers? Then Salmon River in Idaho could be for you. Colorado River, Arizona. Flowing through the gorgeous grand canyon, the Colorado is internationally known as one of the best US rafting rivers.

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A true full-day, very few rafting adventures in Colorado can match this amount of whitewater! This river trip includes both the Lower Rustic and the Poudre Plunge sections of the Cache La Poudre. The full-day experience starts with the more seldom paddled Lower Rustic section, providing great rapids and amazing mountain landscapes. At lunch the.

KODI’s intermediate raft trips for ages seven and up are perfect river adventures for whetting your rafting appetite. These Colorado raft trips are excellent for first time paddlers and seasoned professionals. As far as we’re concerned, gnarly whitewater fun doesn’t have to be compromised for kids or adults.

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AVA offers you the best Whitewater Rafting Trips, Zipline Tours and more adventure in some of the most beautiful locations of the Colorado mountains. Find a trip near you: with rafting trips on 9 rivers , mountaintop zipline tours in 2 locations, rock climbing , horseback riding , train rides and more , our Trip Finder will help you pick the.

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Grand Canyon River Rafting Experience The Grand Canyon – As Good as it Gets On your Grand Canyon white water rafting trip you’ll experience moments of pure thrill, times of absolute serenity, a feeling of togetherness with your group, and a deep connection with nature – all of which combine to create a truly life-changing experience.