Become a ‘Dark Tourist’: Here Are the Top 10 Weirdest Places in Colorado

It is, without doubt, Remedy’s prettiest, most singular and, yes, weirdest game. I sort of knew that going in. What I didn’t.

But at the top, I stopped hard in my tracks. The world bloomed before me. Endless dark. the Colorado Trail. I recommend using Yogi’s Guide ( and Paul Magnanti’s free online guide.

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Joly’s book The Dark Tourist came out in 2010, but he didn’t invent the term.. There’s a whole school of study based on dark tourism. It even has a fancy Greek name: Thanatourism, from thanatos, a peaceful death.Good choice to describe the pastime of getting close to the gaping maw of your own mortality, but not too close.

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The show runs about 40 minutes per episode, but the places Farrier visits only get about 10 minutes of airtime. The short airtime is an excuse for the lack of helpful lessons geared towards informing viewers of the macabre but makes no excuse for the tourist’s ignorant and disrespectful comments toward the residents of these remote places.

Top 7 Weirdest Places to Visit in Europe. If you’d rather explore for yourself than just ‘Netflix and Chill’ check the list of the ultimate dark tourist attractions in. you can find a memorial plaque dedicated to the late Prime Minister which has now become a popular tourist spot.

Dark tourism (sometimes also known as "black tourism" or "grief tourism") has been defined as tourism involving travel to sites historically associated with death or tragedy. From a haunted Chilean cemetery with open graves to a creepy suicide forest in Japan, check out these 25 dark tourism sites that will give you the spine-chilling feel just by seeing them on your screen.

One of Europe’s great cultural places and accordingly a popular tourist destination. And for the dark tourist too it’s one of the world’s most rewarding cities to visit. Some of its dark sites are top of the list in their respective categories (cemeteries and medical exhibitions in particular), others are even unique to Vienna.

Farrier made his name documenting wonderfully weird oddballs and though there are occasional elements here, mostly this is not that. David Farrier for his new Netflix show Dark Tourist. During the eight episodes, Farrier visits worryingly radioactive sites, haunted forests, a torture house and even converts to voodoo.

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