Get started on pollinator habitat

Overseed a traditional lawn with pollinator friendly seeds. You can mix these small amounts of seed into and apply with compost. Compost can be applied at a rate up to 40 lbs / 50 ft2 of lawn, and improves seed to soil contact and germination rates.

Planning Your Pollinator Garden: Native Perennials for Bees. While Honey Bees live in large colonies, native bees live in very small colonies or are solitary. 70% of our native bees nest in the ground and need a sunny area with bare soil or very little vegetation. Other native bees use old mouse holes, beetle tunnels, holes in trees, or pithy stems. A pollinator garden needs to include habitat.

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Getting Started. Here are two things that you can do to begin im­ proving habitat for native bees on your land: Minimize tillage. Many of our best crop pollinators live underground for most of the year, sometimes at the base of the very plants they pollinate. To pro­ tect them, turn over soil only where you need to. Allow crops to bolt.

Pollinators are vital to our food supply. But they are in decline. What something you can do? Create a garden that provides.

 · They will point out several ways to get started, from maximizing the potential already embedded in field margins to pairing conservation programs with precision ag technology. Attendees can expect to leave with ways to access the locally specific resources they need to determine if habitat really does make sense on their land.

The 4H Pollinator Habitat Program aims to engage youth on the importance of habitat for pollinators and to establish quality pollinator habitat at 22 sites across the country.

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Pollinator Habitat Planting: CP42 The Importance of Pollinators Agricultural productivity is directly dependent on pollinators, especially bees, for producing more than one-third of our food products. In fact, bee-pollinated commodities account for $20 billion in annual U.S. agricultural production and $217 billion worldwide. In addition

8 Maintaining Your Pollinator Habitat Maintaining Your Pollinator Habitat 9 Smother the problem. For larger areas of weeds, spread thick dark plastic (heavy duty plastic bags or landscape fabric) over the ground. This works best if the cover-ings are put down in the early fall and left until you are ready to plant in spring.

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