How to Repair a Cut Extension Cord – House to Home Inspect Colorado

Hi NancyKay, My outside outlet for heat tape looks like the one Yanita described, but, it is up under my home near my hot water heater (outside water heater closet). This is also the same area that my pipes come into our home. I have to get under the home and check this outlet each year, while I inspect my heat tape. Have the outlet repaired.

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inspect OK, the home inspection is one thing that happened, as it should, before I moved in and not after. It seemed to go well. There were two inspectors, they finished the job in less time than I.

Repairs of extension cords are therefore permitted under 1926.404(b)(1)(iii)(C). However, in order to remain compliant with 1926.403(a), the repairs must return the equipment to the state in which it was initially approved.

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Extension cords can be useful tools for plugging in electronics, lights, and appliances when there’s not an outlet close by. But extension cords can also pose serious safety hazards in your home. According to the Electrical Safety foundation international (esfi), extension cords cause about 3300 home fires every year. And each year, those extension cord fires are responsible for killing 50 people and injuring 270 more.

With the damaged part or section of cord cut off, use a utility or razor knife to remove 3/4-inch to 1-inch of the neoprene-jacket from the cable. carefully score around the circumference of the jacket without cutting into the wires inside, and then pull off the jacket. Strip 1/2-inch of insulation from the black, white and green wires.

It’s important to clean and inspect your roof regularly, since roof leaks can cause major damage to your home including water damage, rot, and mold. If the roof is steep, inspect it from the ground using binoculars. Start by cleaning the roof of leaves, limbs, or any other debris, paying.

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