The 54 Books of the New Adventure Library

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The Adventure Library was founded in 1994 as an independent publisher/book club and available mainly by subscription. At some point the Adventure Library was picked up by Akadine Press, which went bankrupt in early 2006. The books are no longer available except through used bookstores. The Adventure Library specialized in reprinting classics of adventure, exploration, discovery, and survival.

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Nikki Leali says, "with books, you can immerse yourself into a new adventure, a new journey go wherever you want without leaving the comfort of your home." Nikki’s library looks like a dog house.

The Essential Man’s Library: 50 Fictional Adventure Books Edition Nothing speaks to the heart of man like a good tale of adventure. Whether in the form of a bedtime story read to young boys or a nail biting page turner that keeps you up at night, the adventure story is one genre of literature that stays with you for a lifetime.

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Departures: A Guide to Letting Go, One Adventure at a Time: Anna Hart: books.. travel memoir and not resolve to dust off their passport and embark on some new adventures.. Just in time for the summer holidays is this great book from travel writer Anna Hart, which is part. Showing 1-8 of 54 reviews.

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The Adventure Canon The New Adventure Library The best stories aren’t just on paper anymore. Our (totally subjective) ranking assembles the millenium’s 33 best new classics.

The people came with their families searching for adventure and a new life. a community without a library? No story time.